Engine 94 - Ladder 48 - Battalion 3

The House

    FOUNDED:     November 26, 1913
    DIVISION:     6th
    BATTALION:  3rd
    LOCATION:    1226 Seneca Ave. Bronx NY 10474
    HISTORY:      Per General Orders No. 70

        ENGINE CO. 94 -
        Located at No. 1228 Seneca Avenue, The Bronx;
        equipped with a 2nd size American-La France Steam
        Fire Engine, with a front-drive gasoline tractor, and
        an Auto Combination Chemical and Hose Wagon, and
        assigned to the 20th Battalion.

        H & L CO. 48 -
        Located at No. 1226 Seneca Avenue, The Bronx;
        equipped with a 65 foot Aerial American-La France
        Hook and Ladder Truck, with front-drive gasoline
        tractor, and assigned to the 20th Battalion.